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Silverite & Herkimer Necklace
Silverite & Herkimer Necklace

Silverite & Herkimer Diamond Necklace


A perfectly imperfect genuine Herkimer Diamond hangs from a ring on linked silverite chain. Silverite is a trade name for white sapphire.  This makes bold Herkimer Diamond statement- stunning!!!

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Length 30in.

Due to the nature of genuine natural Herkimer Diamond, each stone will vary slightly from image.

Note on Herkimer Diamonds: 

Herkimer Diamond is the name given to the beautiful and rare, naturally double terminated quartz crystals. These national treasures are a one-source, stone- mined in the dolomite bedrock of Herkimer County and the Mohawk Valley of New York. Herkimer Diamonds come directly out of the dolostone with 18 natural facets and 2 termination points- a natural wonder that dates back 500 million years.